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Frequently asked questions

Subscription & Shipping

What kind of products will my box contain?

Each box selection will be different. You select your box and we ship your items. We tailor each box with items from notable, mainstream, stylish, and cutting-edge brands. We cautiously select everything dependent on current, arising, and fan-most loved patterns, so you're aware of everything about the most recent and best in excellence. *Due to products staying in inventory 1 - 2 months to stay current in trend as well as updating product and gift ideas previously received fan-favorite items may return to inventory.

What is the cost of a Never Forget Box Subscription?

All of our boxes are a one time or anytime purchase subscription. o The Appreciation Box is $25.00 one time which includes products valued @ $38.99+. o The Treasure Box is $40.00 one time which includes products valued @ $55.99+. o The Investment Box is $60.00 one time which includes products and 1 FREE gift + FREE shipping valued @ $75.99+. o The Ultimate Box is $80.00 one time which includes products + FREE shipping valued @ $98.99+.

Do I have to resubscribe each time to receive a Never Forget box?

No! Once you create a log in simply use your user log in and password at anytime to make future purchases.

Shipping & Tracking

How does shipping work for boxes?

We’re currently shipping to all of the U.S. (including its territories & PO boxes) and all of Canada. Never Forget Boxes are currently sent through a variety of shipping companies (DHL, FedEx SmartPost, UPS, APC / Canada Post, and USPS). We’re constantly exploring options to get your box to you quicker and more efficiently. Shipping within the contiguous U.S. (48 bordering states) is free for those whose boxes are $60 and up. All others pay a standard shipping cost. Never Forget will send out a tracking email within 15 days from the date of purchase (be sure to check your Spam/Junk folders just in case) o For delivery estimates, please see below: Never Forget customers residing in the contiguous U.S. can expect to receive their boxes within 20 days from billing.
Never Forget customers in Alaska, Hawaii, and all U.S. territories can expect to receive their boxes within 30 days from billing.
Never Forget customers residing in Canada and its territories can expect to receive their boxes within 30 days from billing. Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Northern Mariana are unincorporated U.S. territories, so delivery times may be increased. *We are not responsible for forwarding fees, foreign transaction fees, or duty and other customs clearing expenses.

My box is being returned to you, what do I do?

If your tracking information reports that your box was returned to us due to a delivery issue, please contact our Support team for further assistance. Be sure to include: o The email address associated with your account
o Your best shipping address
o The box you are missing A member of our Support Staff will assist you.

What do I do if I haven't received my box although it was reported as delivered?

As mail carriers continue practicing safe delivery protocols, be sure to check your driveway, doorstep, and other areas in front of your home for your box. If you're not able to locate it, please contact the carrier for additional information about the delivery of your box, as well as household members and anyone that may have collected your box on your behalf. Our customers are usually able to locate their boxes this way. You must reach out to the Support team within 30 days from the date the box was reported was delivered. Our team will try helping to locate your box first and will ask you to do a little investigating. If you've already reached out to your local Post Office and anyone that may have retrieved your box on your behalf, please be sure to include that information in your email. Please also include your best shipping address in your email - we'll need it to assist you further.

How do I see my tracking information on my account?

You'll always be sent tracking information via email for your orders, but now you're able to view your shipments directly on your account! To navigate to the My Items page, follow these three easy steps: Log in to your Never Forget Sub Box account at www.nvr4getsubbox.com Click the "Log In" icon on the right hand side of the screen at the top of the page. If using a mobile device, click the 3 horizontal lines to the left of the Never Forget logo to display the menu options that include "Log In". Select My Items from the dropdown menu You will see an itemized list of your store purchases. Since this is a new feature, you may not see all tracking numbers or shipping statuses listed, but rest assured that does not mean your order is affected! In these cases, you may refer back to your tracking email for your tracking number. Your orders will ship on schedule. Thanks for your patience while we work to make this page perfect!